Floating Point Explorer

See how values with decimal points (floating point numbers) are represented on a computer! Please note that this simulation may not be fully representative of IEEE-754 standards compliant floating point numbers.

For source code of this project, click here to visit me on BitBucket.

Mode: Number to Bits

Enter a number, decimals allowed


This simulation is a companion to the Floating Point series of videos on 0612 TV. You may find the following videos helpful for you!


29-Nov-2019: Fixed more bugs, added consideration for NaN and Infinity.

27-Nov-2019: Bugfix for denormal numbers.

15-Nov-2019: Added denormal considerations for Float-to-Bit conversion as well. Video explaining this to come soon.

19-Oct-2019: Thanks to a comment by YouTube user PRANAnomaly, I have updated this application to handle Denormal (or Sub-Normal) numbers, which is a special edge case in which all bits in the exponent are zero. I hope to release a video soon to cover this.